Dance classes

This is the registration form for classes starting 24 May 2022. You will find all the practical information below it.

Please make sure that you get a green confirmation message and a confirmation e-mail when you submit the form. Reach out to us if you do not.


    • First class on Tuesday 24 May
    • Last class on Tuesday 21 June
    • End-of-the-round party on Tuesday 28 June
    • Five weeks of classes, one week of party


    • Classes: Haraldsalen, Vesterbro Kulturhus (Lyrskovsg. 4, 3rd floor)
    • Party: TBA


    • Balboa Beginner (Level 1): Will take a break this round – more info below
    • Slow Bal Beginner+: 18:00-19:00
    • Balboa Advanced (Level 3): 19:00-20:15
    • Balboa Intermediate (Level 2): 20:20-21:35
  • Teachers
    • SlowBal: Jon & Zhan Li
    • Intermediate: Kristian K & TBA
    • Advanced: No teachers – more info below
    • Guest teachers: TBD – we are working on having guest teachers one Tuesday!


    • 480 DKK for intermediate
    • 240 DKK for advanced
    • 400 DKK for Slow Bal
    • 50 DKK membership fee (per semester)

Level descriptions

The beginner level is for you if you have no or little balboa experience. Friendly and competent teachers will help you get a grip on basic steps, figures and the music. Unless you have considerable swing dancing experience and learn quickly, we recommend that you take the beginner class at least three times.

If you have taken balboa classes before and you know the basic steps and figures well, the intermediate level is for you. On this level you will learn a broader range of figures and footwork combinations, and you will get to polish your technique.

The advanced level is for the strongest dancers in the scene. That likely means that you: dance comfortably to almost any tempo; you can quickly learn new variations or sequences; you practice balboa outside of class; you dance balboa socially on a regular basis; you travel to international workshops; you are no stranger to solo balboa.

Please note that there will be no designated teachers in the advanced class (hence the lower price). Participants will structure the classes themselves and share material with each other.

In the Slow Balboa class we will teach more than just the basics . Because the beat of the music is so slow, you will have more time to feel, observe, test and try many technical aspects of partnered swing dance: balance, connection, compression, rhythm, stretch as well as leading and following skills. This will be taught using both solo drills as well as dancing with your partner. The class is open to everyone with prior dance experience, we will teach you the rest.

Other information

We have unfortunately had to cancel the beginner level this round due to a lack of teacher resources. It will be back after the summer. If you have attended the Beginner level and you want to sign up for Intermediate, please ask a teacher for input before doing so. For everyone’s sake, we want to keep the levels as even as possible.

If you are completely new to balboa or do not feel ready for Intermediate, please contact us. We may consider a weekend workshop or ad-hoc classes if there is an interest for it.

Everyone is of course welcome to the end-of-the-round party!

If you want to attend more than one level, please make separate registrations for each level.

Since we need to ensure a balance between leaders and followers, it may take a few days before you hear from us.

If you are concerned about your registration, or if you have questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us via e-mail (