About us (Ministry of Balboa)

Fast swing dancing in Copenhagen

Balboa swing dancing has its roots in California dating back to the 1920s but came to Denmark in the new millennium.

Ministry of Balboa is a member driven non-profit organization that, for years, has been the main organizer of Balboa classes and events in Copenhagen.

Join us, become a member by filling out this form: http://eepurl.com/gQctBz

Tuesday has been firmly established as “Balboa Night” –  where all lovers of faster swing music meet to take classes and/or social dance.

Friday about once pr. month we dance and party at Cafe Globen. We usually start with a free gratis introduction to Balboa from 19:30 to 20:30 and after that we dance socially or enjoy a beer, a cocktail or some wine at the bar.

Dancing in general – and Balboa in particular – is about playing to music with a partner and there is plenty of space for improvisation, so come and join the fun and discover the next big thing!

Write us at dans@balboaswing.dk.

Members of the board 2023 – 2024

Jon Bendtsen – treasurer

Recent general assembly minutes

(signed version available upon request)