Ministry of Balboa Mission and Vision


  • To have a thriving and welcoming community of Balboa dancers in Copenhagen


  • Training/Education 
    • We organize regular Balboa classes and also larger workshops with international teachers
    • We want to increase the level of Balboa dancing for advanced dancers while at the same time provide an open and friendly environment for beginners and intermediate dancers
    • We educate our dancers to be capable and considerate on the social dance floor
    • We support all aspects of Balboa (pure bal, bal swing, slow bal etc)

  • Social dance scene 
    • We organize social dance events and are active in creating and supporting the social dance scene
    • We stand for an inclusive, respectful and joyful dance environment
    • We encourage the use of live swing music at dance events.

  • Growing the Balboa community
    • We aim to be visible and promote our passion for the dance
    • We promote both the heritage and historical roots of the dance and new trends – with a focus on a great social dance scene
    • We collaborate with other dance societies to grow the swing dance community.

Approved at General Assembly 26 March 2019