Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival 2024

Feb 23rd to 25th 2024

The Copenhagen Ministry of Balboa is proud to announce our very first Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival with fantastic international teachers Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat which you can see dance here on Youtube.

In addition to the ever-important evening parties with live music, CSBF features two days of classes with legendary Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat.


The entire festival, both parties and classes will happen at Happy Feet Studio (Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV) – with good floors and ventilation. Placed in the midst of Copenhagen with great restaurants and cozy shopping areas all around us.


The Bands will be announced during the winter – and there will be live bands, both for the Friday and Saturday parties.

Friday band is lead by Rasmus Vennevold who has played for us before at Copenhagen Balboa Weekend.

Saturday band is Tuxen Lockjaw lead by Mads Tuxen who has played for dancers before.

Classes and levels

We will have 2 levels, one for beginners and the other, intermediate is for dancers which have prior Slow Balboa workshop or weekly class experience.

The teachers/organizers may ask you to move up or down a level if they believe you have selected or been placed at a wrong level.

  1. Beginners: You have no or perhaps a little prior Slow Balboa experience. Maybe you taken one or more tasters in Slow Balboa. Maybe you danced regular Balboa and/or perhaps Lindy, but at least you have taken some kinds of partner dance classes.

    Saturday, 14:00-17:00 incl. 2 short breaks
    Sunday, 10:00-13:00 incl. 2 short breaks

  2. Intermediate: You know the basics of Slow Balboa and dance comfortably if the music is not too slow (corresponds to having taken weekly Slow Balboa classes in Copenhagen with Jon and Zhan. If not from Copenhagen you have taken weekly classes in Slow Balboa somewhere else).

    Saturday, 10:00-13:00 incl. 2 short breaks
    Sunday, 14:00-17:00 incl. 2 short breaks

Evening activities and parties

Friday night

To accommodate new Slow Balboa dancers the music during evening parties will not be only Slow Balboa music. We aim at 50 % Slow Balboa music and the rest will be a mix of regular Balboa and Lindy music.

    • 19-20 Intro taster in Slow Balboa by Anni Skoglund & Gašper Hrovat
    • 20 – DJ until band start
    • Live band Rasmus Vennevold
    • DJ from around 23

Saturday night

To accommodate new Slow Balboa dancers the music during evening parties will not be only Slow Balboa music. We aim at 50 % Slow Balboa music and the rest will be a mix of regular Balboa and Lindy music.

    • 19-20 intro taster Slow Balboa by Eiki Gudmundsson and Niomi Mcsorley
    • 20 – DJ until band start
    • Live band Tuxen Lockjaw
    • DJ from around 23

Sunday Evening

The after party is a separate self pay concert with Dusty Rag Jazz band at Metronomen on Frederiksberg in Axel Møllers Have. That concert starts at 19:00 and you can see prices in their Facebook event here:

We have a special deal so you can show up 17:30 after the last class Sunday and have a pre-after-party in their venue buying their beer and potentially eat your food that you brought with you to Metronomen.


    • Participating at one level
      including party pass Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 1000 DKK or 135 Euro
    • Participating at two levels
      including party pass Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 1.400 DKK or 189 Euro
    • Party pass for Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 400 DKK or 54 Euro
    • Party ticket for one night (at the door only): 200 DKK


New signup form and procedure!

We finally have found a new registration system we think are better, but it still does have a tiny flaw – it doesn’t send email on initial registration, but if you can download a PDF from a link on the last page of the registration – then you are registered.

Even if you first register as a single, but then find a partner, then you can just have them add your name and email to their registration, and we will accept both at the same time.

Follow the registration link below and look for lines beginning with CSBF – Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival


Terms & Conditions


  • Payment must be made within 3 days of receiving acceptance email and payment instructions to secure your registration. If we don’t receive your full payment in due time your reserved spot may be given to another person.
  • Please take care of all transfer costs and conversion cost if paying via bank transfer.
  • Unfortunately we cannot refund your purchased class pass for any reason, but you may transfer your class pass to someone else with the same dance role (leader or follower). If you do so, let us know by email to whom you sold your class pass so we can update the registration.


  • All participants are attending the event at their own risk
  • The Ministry of Balboa do not assume any liability or responsibility for incidents and/or injuries and loss or damage of any personal belongings during the classes or socials.
  • Classes with very few participants may be cancelled

Other information

It may take us a few days to get back to you, not least because we need to ensure balance between leaders and followers. But if you get nervous about your registration, or if you have questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us via e-mail at