Exciting Balboa feast

We are proud to present a feast of Balboa opportunities here in October 2023.

We have many many class and workshop offerings, check the menu on this website, visit the new registration system at https://shop.balboaswing.dk/ or checkout the Copenhagen Balboa weekend which still has a few spots, but also 1 completely sold out class.

Starting in chronological order:

  1. 20th, Oct. 20th, Balboa party at Cafe Globen
  2. 22nd, Oct. 22nd, BrushUp Balboa workshop
  3. 23rd, Oct. 23rd, Regular weekly classes start
  4. 24th, Oct. 24th, Once again regular weekly classes, now day 2
  5. 26th, Oct. 26th, Special masterclass in Slow Balboa with Anni & Gašper
  6. 27th – 29th, Copenhagen Balboa weekend

Join now, follow the links above!