Copenhagen Balboa Weekend Spring 2022 countdown!

Friday May 20th to Sunday May 22nd

We are preparing the last details for the upcoming Copenhagen Balboa Weekend – still having a few spots in classes for couples or leads left... hurry if you want to participate – or come join us at the parties and buy your ticket in the door.

This will surely be some unforgettable days and evenings!

We kick off the Copenhagen Balbo Weekend with a Friday party in a cozy setting at the House of the Serapion Order, starting at 19:15 and with live music by Siberian Hotheads from 19:45.

Saturday night from 19.00 we will throw the main party at the House of the Serapion Order – with live music by Jeppe Zacho and four of his friends from Jack Street followed by DJ’ing by Gašper Hrovat who might indeed set the floor on fire!

There will also be slow-bal music played in the bar and lounge area to enjoy  some relaxing moments.

On Sunday evening, persistent rumors suggest that there will be an open-to-all afterparty at a local speakeasy called Social Brew from around 17’isch.

In addition to the ever-important parties with live balboa music, CBW features two days of inspiring classes for experienced dancers with renowned international teachers Anna-Maria and Ralf Bernhard. Additionally, we offer a one-day workshop for slightly less experienced dancers. It will be taught by no other than the great Gašper Hrovat and local virtuoso Kasia Ceesay Hansen!

Private lessons opportunity

Should you be interested in a private lesson during Sunday, do reach out to Gašper on messenger and hear more and if you are up for private lessons with Ralf & Anna-Maria during Monday daytime or evening or Tuesday daytime – do reach out here. Private lessons are typically around 60€/hour with one teacher and 100€/hour with two teachers. But, be fast, they are usually in high demand!


Classes and levels

    • Level Gašper: You have danced a little bit of balboa, but you are still getting your sea legs. Perhaps you have completed Level 1 with Ministry of Balboa, or you are a lindy hopper who have taken tasters and danced balboa socially.

      1 x 4 hours (Saturday 10.00-12.00 and 13.00-15.00), taught by Gašper Hrovat & Kasia Ceesay Hansen

    • Level Takier: You know the basics of Balboa and dance comfortably if the music is not too fast (corresponds to having completed Level 1 & 2 at Ministry of Balboa).

      2 x 3 hours (Saturday 14.30-17.30 and Sunday 09.30 – 12.30), taught by Anna-Maria and Ralph Bernard

    • Level Desatoff: You are an experienced Balboa dancer. You can lead or follow many moves and variations, and you feel comfortable dancing at all tempos (corresponds to Level 3 at Ministry of Balboa)

      2 x 3 hours (Saturday 10.00-13.00 and Sunday 13.00-16.00), taught by Anna-Maria and Ralph Bernard

  • Prices

    • Gašper and Friday/Saturday parties: 500 DKK
    • Takier OR Desatoff and Friday/Saturday parties: 700 DKK
    • Takier AND Desatoff and Friday/Saturday parties: 1,000 DKK
    • Party pass for Friday and Saturday: 250 DKK
    • Party ticket for one night (at the door only): 150 DKK 
    • Sunday afterparty: free and open for all

  • Registration

For registration please complete the form in this link or use your camera on the QR code below:

And do join the event on facebook also to stay tuned on questions and further good news!



Copenhagen Balboa Weekend Spring 2022 Now Open For Signup!

Friday May 20th to Sunday May 22nd 

The Balboa scene in Copenhagen is off to a flying start after Denmark taking the lead in opening society up. Classes are filling up – our social evenings full to the brim and spirits are high – spring is clearly in the air!

On May 20-22, the Copenhagen Balboa Weekend spring ’22 (CBW) will take place

We will kick it off with a party in the early evening hours Friday from 19:00 with live Balboa music in a cosy setting from 20:00. Saturday night we will have the great party with live Balboa music and both parties in Kulturhuset Indre By.  Sunday evening, rumors are that a nearby afterparty at a well known speakeasy is being organised.

In addition to the ever-important parties with live music, CBW features two days of inspiring classes with renowned internal teachers Anna-Maria and Ralf Bernhard dancing here in the video below.

All lessons and the Friday & Saturday evening party will be held at Salen in Kulturhuset Indre By and we will confirm the live bands soon – stay tuned! This will surely be an unforgettable evening!

Further details and registration

Copenhagen Balboa Weekend Spring 2022



Balboa beginner classes starting Tue Nov 16th

Our Balboa Beginner classes is now available in a short round of 5 weekly classes which will teach you the basics of this wonderful dance. The class is open to both couples and single registrants, but we will ensure a good balance between the 2 lead and follow dance roles.

Class schedule: 18:30-19:45 five Tuesdays starting Nov 16th

Read more here:


Spice up your Swivels

Come get some spice in your swivels Tuesday October 12th when Zhan Li and Jon Bendtsen will teach a theme class about Swivels from 18:30 to 20:00.

Entrance fee 85,- and that also covers the social dance after the swivel theme class from 20-22ish.

From 18 til class start we have open practice/social dance/chit chat.

Ari & Simon weekly Balboa classes

Ari & Simon are 2 international swing dance teachers who are back in Copenhagen for the second time. They will stay a whole seven weeks and during that time they will also teach our weekly Tuesday Balboa classes starting from Tuesday August 17th.

Ari & Simon sitting

The registration is already open. They will teach 2 levels: L2 and L3.

  • Level L2 from 18:10 to 19:25
  • Level L3 from 19:35 to 20:50
  • social/practice from 21:00 to 21:55

You can see the details and register for their classes in our registration form which is hosted by Mailchimp.

Link to Registration form

Alternative link to Registration form