Welcome to Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival 2024

This weekend, from Friday February 23rd to Sunday February 25th we are arranging Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival complete with classes and evening parties.

We’ll have live music both Friday and Saturday evening, and to make it easier for those who doesn’t know so much Slow Balboa yet, we are aiming at 50% slow Balboa music, 25% Lindy music and 25% regular Balboa music.

With a quick introduction taster both Friday and Saturday from 19-20 you’ll quickly learn Slow Balboa and be able to participate in the parties, so show up at the door in Happy Feet Studio, Ørnevej 33, 2400 Kbh NV and buy an entrance ticket for only 200,- pr. evening – or buy a full party pass here for just 400,-

Read more about the whole event here: