February is Slow Balboa Superb

Learning Slow Balboa is an import part of mastering Balboa, yes even if it is much slower music, the connection and technique is the same, yet the tempo brings new challenges.

That’s why we have 2 Slow Balboa events for you here in February.

Our main event is Copenhagen Slow Balboa Festival in the very last weekend of February. Here you will quickly learn Slow Balboa from world-renowned dance teachers Anni & Gašper.
Don’t forgot that you also get 2 fabulous parties with live music!

To accommodate new Slow Balboa dancers the party music will be a mix of Slow Balboa, Lindy and regular Balboa, with an aim of having 50% Slow Balboa music.


Still not convinced?

We also have a 3 hour Slow Balboa Brushup workshop 1 week before CSBF if you feel a little insecure for a full weekend with Slow Balboa. Read details and register here:

In March

In march we will continue with our weekly classes, but we are not quite ready to open that registration, so why not register for our newsletter here:


Later in May

Later in the spring, the last weekend of May we arrange Copenhagen Balboa Weekend. Spots are filling up, so you should register soon, read all the details at: